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    2 December at 15:38 from atlas

    It is a common dilemma for many people hosting an adult's only event or wedding, whether or not to include a 'no children' clause on the invitations.
    It is said that if children's names or the words family or kids are not on the invitation then it should be clear that children are not invited. However, some guests feel it is their right to bring their children as their family comes as a package, whether their children's names are listed or not.

    Where weddings are concerned, some feel a wedding is a time to unite family and friends and children of all ages should be included in this occasion. While the bride and groom may often feel that children may not be kept under control by their parents or that certain aspects of the day may not be suitable for children.

    Everyone has their own opinion on this subject and people will simply tick the 'not attending' box if your request does not suit them. Your decision to include/exclude children can be discussed with everyone involved in the organisation of the event or wedding and should be based on your event design, your needs and wishes for your special day.

    Below are some popular ways to say 'NO CHILDREN' on your invitations.
    - Adults only please
    - Adults only venue
    - Sorry, this is an adults only event
    - This is an adults only event
    - We respectfully request the presence of adults only
    - We request the presence of adults only
    - Babysitting service provided
    - Child free event
    - Child minding service available
    - Child minding service provided
    - Children welcome at the ceremony but not the reception
    - Children welcome at the ceremony only
    - Children welcome at the reception only
    - No children at the reception
    - Sorry, no children at the reception
    - No children please
    - Sorry, no children
    - Sorry, no children please
    - We respectfully request no children
    - We respectfully request, no children please
    - Please respect our wishes, unfortunately no children
    - Unfortunately, no children
    - Children by invitation only
    - This is an adults only event unless otherwise stated on the invitation
    - No children under 16 please


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