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    Common Questions & Answers

    IMPORTANT: Please read our terms and conditions and privacy notice carefully before using this website.



    What are your terms and conditions?

    Visit our shipping or returns policy page for information on our terms and conditions.


    Do you have a privacy policy?

    Yes. Visit our privacy policy page.


    How do I find out about pricing, payment and delivery?

    Visit our shipping or returns policy page for information on pricing, payment and delivery.



    Do you have an online shop?

    Yes. Visit our online shop and gallery page. It is currently under construction, so if you can't find what you're looking for, please email us.


    Can I lay-by my order?

    Yes. Please read our lay-by policy and agreement.


    Can I buy a gift voucher?

    Yes. You can purchase a gift voucher from our online shop or in our studio.



    Do you sell DIY invitation and craft supplies?

    Yes. We have paper, card and embellishments for your DIY invitation or craft projects. If we don't have what you're looking for in studio we can source it for you.


    Can you print my stationery for me?

    Yes. For a small printing fee, we can print your stationery for you. You will need to provide your file via email in PDF format. A test print will be carried out prior to printing of the entire file. Note: If you want us to make corrections, resize or redesign the file a quote will be provided prior to commencement.


    Can you make invitations from paper and card I purchased elsewhere?

    Yes. Bring your stationery to the studio along with your design idea and we can print, cut and assemble your stationery for you. Of course, fees apply.


    Can I hire DIY tools from you?

    Yes. We have tools you can hire to complete your DIY project. Prices vary per item. Hire is generally for 3 days. A bond is required when hiring all tools. The bond is refundable on return of the tools in good working order.


    Will my invitations be assembled in your studio?

    Yes. We custom design, cut, print and assemble your invitations in our studio. Foiling and letter pressing and some photographic printing is carried out offsite, as our little studio simply doesn't have the space for these machines.


    Will guest names and guest addresses be printed on my invitations and envelopes?

    Yes. If you engage Something New to hand make your invitations, printing of guest names and guest addresses is complimentary. Just fill in and return our guest list template.



    Can you pack my favours that I purchased elsewhere for me?

    Yes. For a small packing fee, we can pack your favours for you. If they need theming or customising, we can do that too.



    Can you customise my wedding accessories?

    Yes. We love customising your wedding accessories to match the theme of your event.



    Do you have a physical shop?

    We had a retail store front for 10 years which was located at Shop 13, 37 Dolphin Drive, Mandurah in the Mandurah Ocean Marina. In June 2019, we relocated everything to our studio in Baldivis, which is now by appointment only.

    Telephone: 0412 696 940.


    View the map and opening hours on the top right of our homepage.


    Do I need to make an appointment to visit the studio?

    Yes. You can make an appointment to visit our studio by visiting our website or Facebook page and clicking the appointment tabs or you can email or call us at any time during trading hours. View the map and opening hours on the top right of our homepage.


    Can I provide feedback?

    Yes. You can submit your feedback via email or on the Facebook reviews tab.


    Do you know where I can find other products or services for my special occasion?

    Yes. View the 'local business links' on the bottom right of our homepage or visit our Facebook page and view the businesses we have liked.


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